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Your house is cold and uncomfortable, and the facade requires reconstruction? Buy paint facade systems and you kill two birds with one stone: perform effective insulation and turn a dull building into a chic varnish palace! 


Why are facade systems so popular?
Types of facade systems
Video installation of the curtain wall system with siding finishing

Facade systems - a competently designed set of materials and important components for the full protection and insulation of the enclosing structure. The main advantage of modern insulation technologies - versatility: Construction systems, the structure resembling a multilayer "pie", provide not only a significant reduction of heat loss, but also reliably protect the wall from adverse effects, increase fire safety and extend the life of the building.
Modern building systems consist of insulation, cladding and substructure. The principle of creating a multilayer "pie" is to apply several layers of materials that make up a facade system in succession on the base - concrete, brick or panel wall, and to bond them together.

Advantages of the facade systems:

  • A high level of energy savings (reducing heating costs by up to 60%);
  • heat accumulation in the bearing structure provides a favorable microclimate of the internal premises;
  • high hydrophobic properties prevent the absorption of water from the air, and hence the wetting of the insulation;
  • reduction of mechanical deformations of the wall at the expense of minor temperature differences in the structural layer;
  • saving up to 40% of costs for walls and foundations thanks to lightweight building envelopes;
  • timely removal green of moisture - a guarantee that colonies of fungus and mold will not appear on the inner surfaces
  • increased sound insulation of the building envelope;
  • increasing the service life of the supporting structure due to the reliable protection of concrete from the damaging effects of water, carbon dioxide, and other aggressive substances;
The absence of "efflorescence" and the aesthetic appearance of the facade.
Additional advantages of facade systems - a multi-layer "pie" will save money on installing heating, and effective insulation will provide an optimal microclimate in the interior rooms and protect not only from winter frosts, but also from summer heat.

Types of facade systems

Thermal insulation and facade finishing - responsible moment of construction and repair, which affects the service life of the building, because the first signs of house destruction appear on the bearing structure: cracks, wet spots, "effluvia", etc.

Remember! The reliable protection of the construction from external influences and green effective insulation of the facade is the guarantee that the house will not fall into the emergency condition, and the loose facing will not become the reason of unsightly architectural appearance of the building!

Modern facade systems are complex solutions which have replaced the treatment of the supporting structure with decorative plasters and paints. Thanks to the use of new materials with popular characteristics the low heat transfer, good sound absorption, high fire and frost resistance of the building envelope is ensured.

What types of facade systems are there:

  1. Wet plaster facade
  2. Wet plaster facade
To date, there are two main methods of insulating the facade, which are equally popular in private, civil and industrial construction.

1) The wet facade is an improved version of the traditional plastering blog technology with effective insulators.

Proven blog option for thermal insulation layer - high-quality stone wool insulation Rockwool:

for thin-layer facade uses dense thermal insulation boards BATTS and rigid hydrophobic Facade BATTS D;
for thick vandal-proof - rigid hydrophobic plates Plaster BATTS on the basis of basalt rocks.
"Warm wall" consists of layers of ground, adhesive, insulation, fasteners, base adhesive layer, reinforcing mesh, finish adhesive layer, ground and decorative plaster.

2) Ventilated fa├žade - an effective system of insulation and protection of outer walls, which is successfully used by European builders over the past 35 years. Read more...

On the regional market the most popular are substructures of aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel, using as a heat-insulating layer durable and reliable insulator Rockwool Venti BATTS.

We offer you a useful video, which clearly describes the step-by-step technology of installation of insulation when installing the facade system of the hinged type with siding facing. This design will reduce heat loss, street noise level and provide a healthy microclimate without mold and mildew in the premises.

For the device hinged ventilated facade our experts recommend:

  • Rockwool
  • Rockwool Inc.
  • Rockwool Venti Butts
  • Rockwool Arma Blog
  • Venti BATTS

Buy facade system heater

Modern building systems - a cost-effective investment in real estate, through which you can not only extend the life of the building, but also to significantly reduce annual costs for heating. Besides, effective insulation technologies are the key to acoustic comfort, favorable microclimate in the interior spaces and harmonious architectural look of the building.

Statistics: the analysis of more than a hundred facade systems with various defects, conducted by leading experts showed that their causes are:

55% - defect in installation;
40% - errors in design;
5% - poor quality / incorrect choice of building materials.
If you do not have construction skills, you can always order the installation of facade systems to our specialists! Make your home more comfortable with us!


Facades have long ceased to be just a beautiful exterior design of a house. Until the building is clad, the construction is considered unfinished.

Materials, technology and design for finishing house facades are thought out at the design stage. This is quite an important stage, because the finishing of the facade of the house is performed not only for decorative purposes. It protects the supporting structures from external influences (moisture, steam, temperature fluctuations, wind), insulates and soundproofs.
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