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  7. Order Order a calculation of the ventilated facade
  8. Ventilated facades of our production
  9. Front Side" company has been working at the  market of ventilated facades since 2003.

We produce ventilated facades of high quality, which are used to clad the buildings with different materials  

Features of ventilated

Features of ventilated facades

An important feature of this type of facade is that they are suitable for cladding structures made of materials such as brick, concrete, wood, natural stone and so on. Professionally installed facades perform their functions for a long time without requiring repair. Ventilated suspended facades may be installed during new construction, reconstruction or major repairs, because with the help of a ventilated facade you can not only protect the walls from negative influences, but also to hide existing defects.


On sale a wide range of insulation and finishes. We select materials for high-rise residential complexes and exterior building envelopes. The store's website indicates the price of hinged facade systems per m². We place current data, allowing customers to plan their repair costs in advance.

The price for facade systems is formed taking into account the following factors:
  1. Material.
  2. The volume of the acquired facing.
  3. Manufacturer.
  4. The specific design of the coating.

The manufacturer of facade systems offers to order:

Fiber cement boards. Vertical structures are made of galvanized steel. A protective polymer coating is applied which increases service life.
Porcelain stoneware. Used for finishing works on high-rise residential and public facilities. Provides insulation effect. Suitable for performance of reconstruction and major repairs of buildings.
Metal cassettes. Purchased for the decoration of walls. The aesthetic surface is dense and durable.
Clinker tiles. Made of reliable galvanized steel with a polymer coating. Material can be used with or without grout.
Fiber cement siding. Available in a variety of grades.

Profiled sheet. Suitable for insulation of industrial enterprises and public buildings. Used for finishing building envelopes.
Composite panels. Purchased for the design of residential buildings and the prevention of external destruction of walls.


Facades have long ceased to be just a beautiful exterior design of a house. Until the building is clad, the construction is considered unfinished.

Materials, technology and design for finishing house facades are thought out at the design stage. This is quite an important stage, because the finishing of the facade of the house is performed not only for decorative purposes. It protects the supporting structures from external influences (moisture, steam, temperature fluctuations, wind), insulates and soundproofs.
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